Etty has been painting all her life, but her relocation from New York to California several years ago triggered her love-affair with landscape painting. She has had several one-woman exhibits and she is currentlly represented at two Central Coast galleries. Although she considers herself a relative newcomer to the region, she feels right at home when she paints her gentle scenes. Her appealing images are often the union of what she sees and what she feels when she visits different areas. She photographs constantly, but generally will use a reference photo as a guide, or a "springboard", allowing it to remind her of a soft sunset, the rustle of dried grasses, the earthy smell of rain, a quickening breeze. To Etty, how someplace makes her feel, connecting to the wonder and peace around her, is more important than where that "someplace" is.

SO WHAT IS & More?

One of the first questions that Etty is asked is "what is watercolors 'and more'?" Etty begins her paintings with watercolor. Sometimes she feels that a painting calls for more than what watercolor alone can provide. With no hesitation, she will reach for her pastels, colored pencils, or gouache (pronounced "gwash" - an opaque watercolor paint).

Many of her paintings are exclusively watercolor. Some are lightly embellished with one or more of the above mediums, and occasionally one can hardly see the original watercolor for the layers of color that are generously added. She nearly always works on watercolor paper, either Arches 300lb hot press for her larger paintings, or Montval 140lb cold press for her smaller images.


On Etty's web site only limited edition Gicle prints are available for sale. If you are interested in an original painting, please stop by one of her "brick & mortar" galleries, visit her at one of the fine art shows listed in her art show calendar., or e-mail her for more information.


It is pronounced jhee-clay - derived from the French verb gicler meaning "to spray". Images are high resolution digital scans, printed by directing millions of droplets of archival quality pigmented ink over paper or canvas. This provides excellent image permanence and superior color accuracy to other means of reproduction, displaying a full color spectrum.

Gicle prints capture every nuance of an original, and have gained wide acceptance from artists, galleries and collectors throughout the world. Etty's Gicle prints are printed on Somerset Velvet. This is a heavyweight 120lb archival paper, radiant white, 100% cotton, with a velvet finish. Each print run is limited to 50 per size of an image, and most of her prints are reproduced in either 2 or 3 different sizes.

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